176BIZ (pronounced biz ichi nana roku) was a Japanese Rock band from Tokyo. The band was comprised of five members and was active from early 2006 through March of 2009. They can be classified as visual kei for their use of eccentric make-up and fashion choices during live performances and promotional activities. During their time together, 176BIZ was signed to SKY CRUE RECORDS, a sublabel of MAVERICK DC GROUP. 176BIZ was formed after members 勇 (Yuu) and たら (Tara) added three new members to their former unit ベティ in late 2005. Both 刻 (Toki) and 楓栖 (Kasumi) had played as support members for ベティ before the official formation of 176BIZ, but former カレン guitarist 雪希 (Setsuki) was new to the band. ベティ's activities lasted less than a year, and during this time, they released one single, 朱-アカ-. In the spring of 2006, ベティ officially changed their name to 176BIZ, and in March, the band held their first live and released their first single, 深海に溺れた魚. Throughout the rest of 2006 and 2007, 176BIZ quickly gained popularity among the indie visual kei scene, and released a full album and a mini-album. However, at their live on August 31st, bassist たら announced his withdrawal from the band citing personal reasons. 176BIZ began using support bassists to fill たら's place until November 1st when they announced that former 秘密結社コドモA bassist, コウタ (Kouta) would become an official member. The band continued the...

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