18 Summers

The combination of visual and acoustic elements which the singer, musician and photographer Felix Flaucher is melting into an overall concept that breaks up all borders of the dark genre is quite unique in the popular musical landscape. Together with the classical guitarist Frank Schwer, 18 Summers represents an independent, distinctive style, wonderful melancholy Goth Pop pearls, melodic acoustic songs but also club hits you can dance to with innovative sounds that no DJ programme should miss. At first sight the artwork of the CDs contains aesthetic, erotic photos of beautiful young women - on closer inspection you discover wounds at the wrists, at the neck or a revolver in the hand of a model. The band itself often practises Teutonic poses with uniforms and machine guns on photos. But if you take a closer look, you will recognize artificial eyelashes being stuck on and plastic guns bought at the fairground which are changing the first impression right into the opposite. Besides, playing with symbols is an important part of the general picture of 18 summers. Skulls and crosses, which could hardly be more clichéd for the scene, are revived and brought into a new connection. It is not uncommon for Felix Flaucher to jokingly flirt around with the image of a sect leader and he quotes Crowley and LaVey, who say that his band and their Scene is often a bit like a secret society; as a close-knit family that calls themselves The Church Of 18 Summers. But the drive of the phenomeno...

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