Half of the production/beat-maker duo Netīrās cilpas (dirty loops (Latv.)), who's been investing in hip-hop since around year 2003. He was the only non-rapping member of the hip-hop collective PKI (2007-2011) and has worked with many reputable Latvian hip-hop artists, such as Skutelis, Nātre, Edavārdi, Eliots, KasPis, AKE, ansis, Arčijs, Kristaps Ritms, Reinis, Jera, Punkts uz I, JeeKaa, Andrē, Ritvars, Jannķels, et als. He's also done very well in most beat battles he's participated in. 181h has been a part of Dirty Deal Audio since the very beginning and has recently transferred from Fruity Loops DAW to MPC, thus bringing his warm sound and style that is characteristic to that of classic hip-hop to the next level. His sound is largely analogue, which can be interpreted as rich bass, crisp drum loops and vinyl samples, all with healthy dose of swing that immediately captures the hearts of the connoisseurs of the genre and makes you want to move your body with the sound of his beats when 181h hits the pads of his MPC. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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