188910 was formed in Primorsk and took it's name from the postcode of this Leningrad region town. It's a small picturesque place near the Finnish border, where the Mannerheim line divides the Karelian isthmus and where waves and pine-trees are the only source of noise. There underneath the spire of the early 20th century Lutheran church, an architechural monument turned into the local House of culture and Museum of regional studies, the band organised their first improvised rehearsals. They had avantgarde and psychodelic character and made interesting use of the old analogue hardware which produced experimental electronic sound. Just two members remained from the initial lineup - guitarist Dubrovin and drummer Belkov, both sharing the first name Sasha. One was recording sound waves on a cassette deck in his cottage near the forest putting guitar, voice, TV and radio programs through a reverberator and getting very unusual results. The other drummed with chopsticks on a five-litre water canister copying the rhythms of acts like Aphex Twin. On the eve of 2006 they met Belarussian exile, singer, song-writer and keyboard player Galia Chikiss who arrived in Primorsk in search of brothers in mind - and found them in the snow-covered provincial town. That started the period of their collaboration which also gave birth to Galia's side project «Chikiss» which had similar personnel but very different approach to songwriting. The music is a mix of psychodelic rock and brutal disco, br...

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