19 Wiosen

19 WIOSEN – it means just „nineteen springs”... This project was born in 1989 in Lodz, central Poland. It is almost one million habitants city, called “polish Manchester” because of XIX century factrories architecture, fallen industry and full of unemployment and off course... strong tradition of underground and specific alternative music. This strange town with jewish, russian and german roots is probably one of the biggest film and cinema centers in the world. Very important town about the history of polish Jews and the Holocaust. Before strong industrial center and proud of socialist Poland, now full of beggar families living from recyckling, old “gits” with tatooed faces and ... artists. The main center of industrial music, crust punk, techno, drum’n’bass electro and dark goth wave.. But anyway 19 Wiosen created their oryginal style, very influented by the spirit of Lodz. The authors of the project were two fans of the pre – punk (f.ex.The Stooges), glam rock, new romantic and dark avantgarde fans – Frank, the guitar player and Pryt – the poet and singer. Later they meet the electric organ player Fagot, one of the most original persons in the Lodz punk scene. He was big fan of J.S. Bach organ music, barocco flame and... italo disco music. Such surrealist mix should create something new. First, 19 Springs recorded their favourite cover songs, from Alphaville and Drupi (italo music) to polish 30s divas (Hanna Ordon?wna) and 60s big bit and “estrada” musicians...

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