1905 was a political hardcore punk band from Washington D.C. that started in 2000, played a few shows, had a line-up change in the summer of 2001 (adding a new bass player to the mix), toured extensively throughout the U.S., and then broke up in 2006. The lyrics address the politics of our everyday lives and how the individual plays an important part in the greater scheme of things. These lyrics are conveyed through both female and male vocals. The vocals change between singing and screaming. The music has a distinct feel to it and there is definitely a great deal of emotion poured into it, as well as signs of their major early influence, Submission Hold. 1905 released a full length CD/LP called 'Voice' on Exotic Fever Records and Amor y Lucha Records in 2004. - Brian (bass) still lives in DC, and plays in a band called Birds and Wires, he also operates Amor y Lucha Records. - Jess (vocals) has since graduated from John’s Hopkins University, played in Fighting Dogs until they broke up, has a solo project galled Non Grata that played at least one show, and lives in DC. - Marshall (drums) has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, and splits his time between organic farming in Southern VA and Pittsburgh, PA. - Nick (vocals/guitar) moved to NYC, got really into coffee working at 9th Street Espresso, but has since relocated to the Marshall Islands where he teaches 2nd grade at a cooperative school. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Common...

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