1910 Fruitgum Company

The 1910 Fruitgum Company is a bubblegum pop band of the 1960s; their name comes from a wrapper which lead singer Frank Jeckell found in his attic. The band came together as Jeckell and The Hydes in New Jersey in 1965. In 1967, the band was signed to bubblegum label Buddah Records, where they released five LPs under their own name and a variety of singles, as well as appearing on the bubblegum concept LP The Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus, which sounded suspiciously like the usual Buddah studio band, in spite of its promotion as a bubblegum superjam. Their first hit, Simon Says, was panned by the band members, but Jeckell persuaded the band to record it. In the process they changed the beat and patterned the song after Wooly Bully by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs. Simon Says soon became a chart-topping hit. Some, but not all, of the band's tracks were performed by studio musicians. The band started touring, opening for major acts such as The Beach Boys. They followed on to release the hits 1-2-3 Red Light, Indian Giver, Goody, Goody Gumdrops and May I Take a Giant Step. Eventually, the group members were replaced by the producers of Super K, and the musicians that appear on the 1910 Fruitgum Company's final two albums, Indian Giver and Hard Ride, are completely different bands. Hard Ride is in fact a complete departure from the bubblegum sound, and represented an attempt to conquer the FM radio market, with hippie, blues, and psychedelic elements over lengthy trac...

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