There are at least 15 bands with the name 1984: 1. A French indie band 2. A Polish coldwave band 3. A British indie rock band 4. A funk group 5. An American progressive melodic hardcore band 6. An Italian indie rock project 7. A British psychedelic band 8. An American new wave band 9. An American hardcore band 10. A Norwegian punk band 11. An American punk band 12. A Dutch hard rock band 13. A Maldivian indie rock band 14. An Italian dance producer 15. An American DJ 16. A Japanese alt rock band 1) 1984 are 3 french guys who ambitiously aim to 'transcribe a generation into music'. Based in Strasbourg France, 1984 have earned support slots with the likes of respected indie bands The Datsuns and The Bishops among others and have enjoyed international radio airplay. Etienne (guitar and voice) Bruno (bass) Thomas (drums) 1984 Myspace 2) A Polish cold wave band[in the picture] from Rzeszow, formed in 1985 by Piotr Mizerny Liszcz and Krzysztof Bufet Bara. Official website: http://1984.serpent.pl Website: http://rock.mocny.com/1984.php 3) An indie band from Sheffield, UK, who disbanded in 2004, with members such as singer Jon and guitarist Ed going on to form Reverend And The Makers www.myspace.com/godisinthetv 4) A Funk group who released Psychedelic Love etc. 5) A progressive melodic hardcore band from southeastern michigan that incorporates indie and ambient influence into their music. members include Matt Doan Jim Sawdon Jeremy Waun Max Haselhuhn www.myspace.com/1984...

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