1) Producer. Known for collaboration with Dr. Disrespect, a popular Twitch Streamer. 2) Not much is known about this band: 1999X was formed in July 2007. Their original line-up consisted of vocalist KAORI, guitarists AKIO and TOMO, bassist Aya and drummer TAKASHI. KAORI was replaced by MEMI and TAKASHI by TOMOKAZU in 2008. AKIO apparently left at an unspecified date, too, so that their final line-up (MEMI, TOMO, Aya, TOMOKAZU) was complete in September 2008. Seeing as their official website has been deleted it can be assumed that they broke up. Final Line-up: MEMI ♀ (voc.) TOMO ♂ (gt.) (DEFLOWER → Noir fleurir → Misery → Ryuujin (龍神) → THE ASK → Ryuujin (龍神) → Deflina Ma'riage → 199X → Chaos System→ RHEDORIC) Aya (彩) ♂ (ba.) (Missalina Rei (voc. → ba.) → ZERO → CANDY CRUNCH SPEAKER → Re-fire → Marilyn☆DustSchool → Deflina Ma'riage → 199X → Tamiyasu★ROCK (民安★ROCK)) TOMOKAZU ♂ (dr.) (Ryuujin (龍神) → THE ASK → 199X → Chaos System) Ex-Members: Vocals: KAORI ♀ Guitar: AKIO ♂ (DEFLOWER → Karen (可憐) in Noir fleurir → 199X) Drums: TAKASHI ♂ (@ir-silky → Re-fire → 2W-TAKASHI in Marilyn☆DustSchool → 199X) Discography: TOUGH BOY Date of release: 2007/08/08 Label: asuta entertainment (アスタエンタテインメント) Track list: 01. TOUGH BOY 02. Hoshi ni Inori wo… (星に祈りを…) (A Prayer to the Stars…) 03. TOUGH BOY ~Instrumental~ 04. Hoshi ni Inori wo… ~Instrumental~ (...

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