Behind 1LUV is canadian JASON OCULTO aka DR. J. who from his homebase in Vancouver has been operating as a DJ for over 10 years. He is an avid record collector and has a rich background in all things Jazz, Latin, Funk, House and related genres. As a musician with contacts all around the world, including europe, OCULTO booked artists from London and Berlin (among others JAZZANOVA), for DJ gigs in the prosperous music scene in the Vancouver and Seattle region. In this way he got in touch with Sonar Kollektiv. Not only active as a DJ but also as a producer, JASON OCULTO had a couple of productions in the bag which early on won the interest of JAZZANOVA. Over a period of years the debut 1LUV album Neophilia took shape and it is even being released on major label Columbiain Japan. This move put a productions budget at JASON OCULTO's disposal which allowed him to have the album mixed by DAZ-I-KUE (BUGZ IN THE ATTIC) in London. A smart decision that definitely adds to the international character of the album. 12 releases on SunTzu Sound/ (Black Daylight) followed, a track with SLOPE (SK130CD/LP), and on Especial, the KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE's label. While DIXON's edit of Above You was received with real enthusiasm in the club context. Amongst the first track JAZZANOVA received from JASON OCULTO aka DR. J aka 1LUV was The Answer. This song is one of the pearls on the second Secret Love 2 - Compilation (SK066CD/LP). And now the album Neophilia appears on Sonar Kollektiv - in a vers...

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