1ne Day

The band known as 1NE DAY formed in the spring of 2001 by Ote (voice and guitar) and Dade (bass and backing vocals) in Trieste, Italy. Almost at the very beginning drummer Cima joined the band. 1NE DAY call their music nu-core: a sick mixture of nu-metal and death-core, but still permeated by a particular interpretation of 80’s New Wave. In 2002, thanks to the experience grown on stage, 1NE DAY decided to produce their first studio recording: a four tracks demo named Reality. Three out of the four songs contained in Reality have been chosen to appear in various compilations, produced by independent labels (Aqued8 records, Vastagamma) and distributed in Italy. By the end of 2002, the Italian based label RedLed Records contacted the band and offered to release a remastered edition of Reality, in a split-cd also containing four tracks by the Sicilian based band “None of Us”. The “RedLed Split Vol.2: None of Us/1NE DAY” was released in December 2003 and distributed in Italy by Self. In October 2003 there was a change in the original line up and former Necrosphere (Diehard Records) acclaimed drummer, Andrea Janko, replaced the original drummer Cima. In the summer of 2004 the new line up recorded The Capricorn Promo_2004, containing five tracks. In July 2005 the band got back to the studio to record their massive interpretation of Depeche Mode’s famous hit Black Celebration together with another 1NE DAY’s very own track titled Sorry. The enthusiastic feedback that...

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