2BMF was primarily the outlet for Keith Beatmaster Wizzy Rosenberg, a refugee of the Miami Bass group, Vicious Bass. Ironically, Wizzy was the founding member of Vicious Bass, then known as Vicious Beat. He recruited fellow rapper Madness, and DJ Lace. Recording a demo at Maggotron's home studio, they entered a Power 96 radio rap contest and won. The prize was a contract with Joey Boy Records, and a song to be produced by Beatmaster Clay D. Wizzy's lawyer advised against signing, and 1988's Shake that Thang by Vicious Bass was released by Madness and Lace alone. However, Clay D's DJ partner was looking for new groups to record with in Orlando. The group reformed as a quartet (as Wizzy had teamed up with DJ Mike Jewish in the interim). As a quartet, they recorded two songs for Magic Mike's debut album in 1989. After a small number of copies were sold, Wizzy left Cheetah Records on bad terms, prompting the label to repress the album without his input. He and Mike Jewish formed 2BMF while Madness and Lace remained a Magic Mike fronted act, keeping the name Vicious Bass. After signing to Pandisc Records and releasing a single, Mike Jewish moved to California and Lace left Vicious Bass to fill the DJ role of 2BMF. Since, both Wizzy and Lace have recorded several projects jointly and individually for Pandisc, divisions of Pandisc, and unrelated labels. Today, Lace has formed the House group Who da Funk, and Wizzy formed the Florida Electro Breaks group Trip Theory. Read more...

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