2 Bullet

2 Bullet is an industrial band from Tokyo, Japan. It was formed in 2003, and currently features among its members K (vocals), Dee Lee (guitar/programming), Romy (vocals/bass) and Kentaro (vocals/live performance). N.O.N.E. (a.k.a. Non-Chang) had previously left the band and was replaced by Aki, but Aki left in late June 2007, and N.O.N.E. was available to take up bass duties as well as keyboards, however on 29th December 2007, N.O.N.E once again left the band. In July 2009, Romy joined the group to enhance live performance and play bass. The band name 2 Bullet relates to the idea of balance of power, and conjures up imagery of two people pointing a gun at each other. This also implies the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction. The band themselves are anti-totalitarian, and perform live in military camouflage and warpaint, in a similar vein to bands such as Funker Vogt. Their motto is In a revolution, one triumphs or dies. Their debut album, Democratic Violence, was released on the 15th of August, 2004 by AK47 Recordings. In September 2007, they began to issue a series of new songs for free on their website, together these make up the EP You're downloading anarchism. As of September 2008, they have carried on this tradition, with the release of the song Assassination, which was the single for their 2009 album Assassi-nation (meaning Assassinated by nation/Assassinate this nation). Dee Lee is also a member of the heavy metal group Agent Murder, and in September 2008 a...

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