2 By Bukowski

2 by bukowski was a band with many musical facades. Formed in the late 90's by 4 friends, the musical journey begun as an experimentation. Sounds in the form of dark and abstract electronica were released at first, followed by cinematic and long structured epics. As the band was constantly growing, its music was also maturing with more guitars embracing rock forms with heavier riffs. 2 by bukowski originates from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2006. DISCOGRAPHY: 1999 David Dark Split 7inch single/ Celinewhiskey3 (Jonathon Whiskey Records, Edition of 260) 2000 Metal machine muzak Compilation tape (Overdub autumn 2000 issue) He knows that in the shadows someone is making the elements bleed 12inch E.P. (Liquefaction Empire. Edition of 500) 2001 What a long strange journey this has been CD/LP (Poeta Negra, LP limited to 500. PN14) Meow Mix Split 7inch single (PopArt Records) Limited Edition, 365 Hand-Stamped Copies, each with a unique kontakt pic on the cover. Atmos a. Compilation CD (Overdub FunZine 11) The adventures of Jonathon Whiskey v/a Compilation CD. (Edition of 1000+500. Erik Estrada Whiskey 22) 2002 Tech Thrash (Marvels and strange terrors) CD EP (Poeta Negra PN17MCD) DOOM/METAL 3inch CD Single (Teleran Records, Edition of 500. TR03) …and in the dark only the mice can see… MD EP including remixes by Kimonophonic (Parka Dskz, Edition of 23. Dskz02) The playschool trilogy v/a – Gather Darkness Mul...

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