2 Ton Predator

The foundation of 2 Ton Predator was laid in 1993 when Tobbe and Mogge founded the band Wedge. MaZZa and Matte soon joined them, and with the line-up complete the band began writing songs, doing demos, and looking for a deal. The style back then was laid back metal sort of in the vein of Alice In Chains. The band's first demo from ‘93 was done in the Swedish Gorysound Studio with Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity) behind the knobs, but despite Wedge's cooperation with Dan Swanö, they didn't manage to catch the interest of any labels so new recordings were done and more demos sent out. Despite their many efforts the band had to face the fact that getting a deal is not the easiest thing in the world and to top it off - In 1996 the band's singer Mogge had to do eight months in prison. Ironically exactly at that time the band actually got a deal with the TCB-Agency, and thus their continued rehearsing obviously had to be done without the presence of a singer and with a lot of rehearsal tapes being sent to Mogge’s new “home” in order to keep him updated on the development of the band. Evidently even eight months in prison pass and Mogge finally got released. At that time everybody thought that Wedge were to record their first full length for the TCB-Agency, but once again the record business displayed some of its more unpredictable sides. Here's what happened according to Matte: “The manager from TCB split leaving behind him numerous of unpaid bills, his employees in deep shi...

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