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2 Tone Runts is a politically conscious ska/punk band from Minneapolis, who have built a dedicated following. Formed in November 2006, the Runts have blended ska, reggae, punk, funk and radical politics into a unique sound that they call Rasta punk with a little funk. This sextet mixes catchy trombone riffs with guitar, keyboard and vocal harmonies to create a sound all their own. Their stage presence is nothing short of energetic and powerful. Despite being one of the younger bands in the Twin Cities, the Runts have earned a significant recognition within the Twin Cities social justice movement and have been requested to play numerous political demonstrations and fundraisers including a performance on the steps of the state capitol during the 2008 RNC protests. They view the band as a powerful way to promote the struggle against war and for workers' and human rights. The band has toured across the U.S. and there's no slowing down in site. In 2009, 2 Tone Runts released their first full-length album On The Front Line. They have played with such acts as Deals Gone Bad, The Briggs, Something to Do, Umbrella Bed, and even performed alongside members of the legendary boy band 98 Degrees at an Open The Debates Rally at Orchestra Hall. The hard work and dedication of the band landed them a date at Warped Tour 09 and other midwest festivals such as Skappleton and SkaFest. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional t...

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