20 Reasons Taken

20 Reasons Taken is one of the most versatile bands in WI, and has shared the stage with bands like Public Enemy, Three Days Grace, Nonpoint, Sick Puppies, Drowning Pool, Hurt, Bobaflex, Sponge, Ludo, Quietdrive, Sing It Loud, Lucky Boys Confusion and many others. Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, the group currently consists of Front Man Mison who sings and plays rhythm guitar, Lead Guitarist Dain, Bass Player Dan, and Drummer Brad. 20 Reasons Taken was started in 2002 by front man Mison Bones and lead guitarist Dain Di Mattia. A few have asked where 20RT got there name and what it means. It all started when the group began listing off potential names. When they printed off the list something had glitched and the words “20” “Reasons” and “Taken” were in a line. Mison Bones is quoted in saying “someone read them out loud, and we all stopped what we were doing. It doesn’t have a literal meaning it was just three arbitrary words. In 2004 20 Reasons Taken saw the release of their first album “Redefine the Sound.” With a mix of Alternative Rock, Hip-hop, Funk, and even a slight Punk influence 20 Reasons Taken had truly created a new unique style. Although it was a totally new sound some have compared them to such bands as: Rage Against the Machine, Incubus, and 311. The band went on for quite a few years playing shows without a new release, until 2008’s “In the Current” was released. Adding more to the already distinct...

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