There are multiple bands with the name “2012”: 1) TWENTYTWELVE began as an idea and has now resulted into a band that cannot be ignored. 2012 consists of 5 members, Rudy[Vocals], Christian[Lead], Josh[Rhythm], Joaquin[Bass] and Nick[Drums]. All of whom are bound by the same purpose, to enlighten the ignorant and to frighten the god-fearing. Dwelling in Southern Cali, 2012 has developed a strong core following of some of the most ruthless, sadistic fans across the southland which makes the live shows all the more entertaining. Having just started in mid 2008, 2012 aims to compose some of the most vicious, unrelenting tunes that cuts you lose from all your restraints and drives you to show your true self. With their ear punching Vocals, Obese Guitar sound, and Impacting Drums, Twenty Twelve has gained a great deal of momentum starting strong in 2009 and now every intention to go full speed and never looking back. 2) 2012 is a romanian hip hop band. The members of the band are Aforic, ADN, SubSapte and Sagace Snephrue. In November 2009 they released the first album. They collaborated on this material with ARMADA, SPECII, GORETEX, DJ SCHEPSIS, GENERAL TRIX, DJ SAUCE, HIERO, DJ FAIBO X, OKN, VITREG, MR.TWEAKS, GRIGO, SEZ, HOCHII, ROC MARCIANO. More Details - http://www.asculta2012.ro/ 3) 2012 (established in 2005) is the result of 20 years of musical experience on many levels. Ever since he was born Lewis Hurrell has always been very sensitive to sound. At the age of eight ...

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