21. Peron

This is the first ever reissue of assembled recordings from this off-shoot group of the Izmir College Band -who did release a few singles recordings before-. The Izmir College band was started in 1970 highly influenced by Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and even performed Tommy at some schoolshows back in 1972. They won the Milleyet contest in 1973 with a self written tune. After that the group members changed, (due to graduating), included a viola player and renamed their group into '21.Peron'. Their influences expanded and included Zappa, Genesis and Gentle Giant, with still sympathy for the Anadolu rock which they continued to develop. In 1974 they did a progrock jingle for a national radio show by Ümit Tunçag who supported jazz and progressive music. By 1975 they moved to an instrumental style of music with some Yes and Genesis influences, which was respected but hard to understand for the (Turkish) public. At that time they recorded 5 tracks themselves, but it was impossible to find a label to release this. Although Erkin at that time gave examples of oriental psychedelic heavy metal, and sometimes he played very Jimmy Hendrix-like, bands with Cem Karaca had even performed symphonic rock, Büyükburç had its hard rock band, and also Selda, and Edip Akbayram performed their own heavy folkrock style. There were bands like Oksijen, Tehlikeli Maddle and Tank, with a hard edged inventive style. Not many of such recordings ever mad...

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