22 Foot Drop

Originating from southeastern Massachusetts, 22 Foot Drop has been together since 2005. Their style of music combines the styles of rock, funk, and reggae while including a modern sound, and classic feel. The five members of 22 Foot Drop each have different musical backgrounds which blend several styles of music into their own structured sound. 22 Foot Drop formed during their first year in high school. They began practicing as a four-piece band, learning different covers like 'The Ocean' by Led Zeppelin and 'Purple Haze' by Jimi Hendrix. At the time, the band featured Winslow Marshall (guitar/vocals), Peter Clark (guitar), Harry Yates (bass), and Brendan Killarney (drums). It wasn't until a year later when they added Devon Barley (lead vocals, keyboard) to the group, giving them a more advanced sound. With the addition of Devon, 22 Foot Drop began to move forward as a band by continuing to create their musical identity. By their third year together, they began to develop their own original sound. Many of their songs were written with an upbeat tempo that included lyrics about different issues both politically and socially. Each member incorporated a different skill set that combined to make one impressive sound. With this in mind, the bands' originals began to show a significant change. The band began writing songs that had a more texture and meaning. With a combination of creative solos, catchy vocals and alternative instruments, 22 Foot Drop obtained their own unique sty...

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