22 Jacks

22 Jacks All started from the Break up of Wax. In Late 95, Joe Sib, the lead singer of Wax, descided to get together with long time friend Steve Soto (Who you may remember from such groups as the Adolesents, and Agent Orange) and write some material. They started writing songs and soon noticed that something special was taking place. They soon gathered together a few other friends to complete the Lineup for the Soon to be 22 Jacks. These Friends were Sandy Hanson, also of the Adolescents, Scott Shifflet of Face to Face, and Jason Cropper of the original Weezer. In February of 96 22 Jacks went to The Sandbox studio in L.A. and recorded 12 songs which became the Uncle Bob record. With the three final additions to the Jacks already having prior commitments, Sib and Soto went on a search for replacements to solidify the lineup. They found Kelly Lemieux, formerly of FEAR, Jose Medeles, from Los Infernos, and Bill Fraenza, who was both a writer and player on the Uncle Bob CD, and they are more then able to fill the holes. The CD is put out on Side 1 recordings. Over the Past year 22 Jacks has been doing alot of tour. Whieher it is opening shows for other bands, the warped tour, or their own shows they leave behind them in there wake huge amounts of great times and excelent reviews. They have toured with popular bands such as Reel Big Fish, the Bloodhound Gang, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Goldfinger, Social Distortion, Bouncinig Souls, Unwritten Law, Face to Face, Voodoo Glow Sku...

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