25 Yard Screamer

25 Yard Screamer are Matt Clarke Bass Guitar, Nick James Guitars & Vocals, Donal Owen Drums Imagine the progressive hard rock stylings of Rush mixed with the sensitivities of modern-day Marillion. You’re getting close to 25 Yard Screamer. Three lads from South Wales are set to widen a growing audience with the release of their third album, Cassandra. They’ve been playing music together since 2002 and their latest album shows progress in leaps and bounds. Guitarist Nick James says that the lead track on the album expands the myth of Cassandra who in Greek mythology was given the gift of prophecy but not of being believed. How could we apply that to the modern world, if at all? 25 yard screamer live up to the title with some attention grabbing melodies and interesting styles with progressive melodies and tuneful songs www.rock3radio.co.uk The album can be enjoyed on different levels, but listeners will be drawn to the quality of the musicianship, the stirring choruses, and the fact that the band have fashioned something provocative and different. The release of ‘Cassandra’ marks a co-promotion deal with one of the most popular rock music websites, www.getreadytorock.com who hearing the early demos commented “18 months have seen 25YS develop into a band of real depth, it can now only be onward and upward…” …plenty of intricate and muscular guitar riffs, pounding rhythms, and just enough atmospheric and proggy interludes to add variety…there's plenty of good ...

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