From www.myspace.com/twofivesixmusic .... TWOFIVESIX was formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the early nineties. With three self released CDs to their credit by 1997; the band suffered the premature loss of one of their members and consequently launched into what was believed to be an indefinite hiatus. This tragedy occurred in the midst of a rapid incline of support throughout the greater West Michigan area, and in tandem with other obstacles that would lead most bands to certain demise. TWOFIVESIX would later surface again in 2004, boasting a deeply passionate desire to reach their fans and create a positive energy through their music. This was confirmation of how the band faced adversity and managed to not only overcome it but emerge stronger as a result. The members of TWOFIVESIX cite a wide variety of influences that help define them. Some of the more evident sounds that can be heard are hints of Radiohead, U2 and a little R&B/Neo Soul as well as Americana thown in the mix. This modern rock quartet draws from no particular genre or era with respect to their artists of choice. In fact, each member has decidedly found very different interests. 2005 marked a period of significant developments as the band headed into the studio to record and mix with Mike Roche at Broadside Studios. Novo, the band’s debut EP together (as current lineup) and first recording in many years, served as a reminder that TWOFIVESIX was committed to re-establishing their place in the scene. A fi...

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