In Defiance 26z Returns With The Broken Republic Online Campaign... After an array of independent and promotional releases Critically Acclaimed Industrial outfit 26z, fronted by the antics of Naïve Quiet, has returned with an entire catalogue of new and re-mastered material, available at discount price through iTunes, Amazon and additional retailers. The Broken Republic launch will include 26z’s first full length release, iNURE: A Vision Of Endearment, to answer Bruce Johnston's (The Beach Boys) personalized inquiry Where's the Pop?” as well as a variety of additional supporting releases. Originally established in 2001, Los Angeles based Industrial/ Electro outfit 26z has received attention from numerous artists and reps, including Martin Atkins (Ministry, NIN, Pigface), Johnny Hickman (Cracker), A.B. Butler (Violator Music Management), Sophie B. Hawkins and more. 26z has also been in correspondence with various Music Managers including Sharon Osbourne (Ozzy Osbourne, The Talk), Snake Sabo (Down, Vintage Trouble)/ Doc McGhee (McGhee Entertainment), Larry White (R.E.M., RHCP), etc. - 26z continues to be a voice determined to be heard, kicking and screaming - Even gaining the attention of personalities ranging from Hugh Hefner (Playboy) to Casey Kasem (American Top 40, Scooby Doo) - As well as courteous consideration from Cleopatra to YMCMB's Cash Money Records. 26z has been informed by ground-breaking Industry artists and reps that a new genre has been subsequently cre...

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