28 Costumes

Great Energy.....Great Sound Robert Smith The Cure 28 New single from 28 Costumes, ‘This Band Has Eaten All Our Money’ comes out on March 9th through the bands own Rekordmeister label and showcases the poppier, more tongue in cheek side of their music. 28 Costumes, named after a starving 18th century actor, were born out of a conversation about waste in the back seat of a parked car in Liverpool circa 2004. Since that curious day they have toured with MIA, Bloc Party and The Flaming Lips, released a run of acclaimed EP’s and singles, not to mention an under-the-radar yet critically celebrated album, ‘Fake Death Experience’. This single will precede the bands second full-length record due for a summer 2009 release. 2009 will see new member Andy Donovan (former Elle S’appelle frontman) join the Costumed ranks. It will also see new material from the Liverpool five-piece, kicking off with this salute to the bastard of making music. Artworked with the names of everybody who has given them money over the past four years, it’s an outlandish and quirky pop song that celebrates music with a glorious sense of nihilism; tongues firmly in cheek.Costumes are important fun. This Band Has Eaten All Our Money is laced with twists, turns and skewif suprises that should (justice permitting) set wonky dancefloors ablaze. Paul Rafferty, Hot Club de Paris Some of their songs are real loud, and some are real pretty Seasick Steve A defiantly elegant explosion of rock angst and r...

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