28 Days

28 Days were a seminal Australian punk rock band formed in Frankston, Australia during 1997. At their career peak, they had a #1 album (Upstyledown) on the Australian ARIAnet Albums Chart and also a #12 single (Rip It Up) on the ARIAnet Singles Chart. The current members as of 2007 are Jay Dunne (vocals), Simon Hepburn aka 'Hep' (guitar), Damian Gardiner (bass) and Adrian Griffin (drums). Original drummer Adam was replaced by Scott Murray in 2000. Tragically, on 18 November 2001, Murray was killed in a hit-and-run accident in the Melbourne suburb of Kew. Vinnie Jukic then briefly filled in the drum role until Adrian Griffin joined. For the album Extremist Makeover, the drums were laid down by Matt Bray. Musically, the band doesn't fit into any single category. Over time, 28 Days' punk rock style has incorporated elements of punk-pop, metal, and (especially) hip-hop after the addition of DJ Jedi Master Jay in 2000. The band's success during the early 2000's could largely be attributed to the popularity of similar rock-rap fusion bands of the time, such as Limp Bizkit. Furthermore, their one-off collaboration with Apollo Four Forty, the 2001 single Say What?, has even seen them dabble in electronica. After debuting with a one-sided 7 single Ball Of Hate and the Sand CD single, 28 Days released their self-titled album in 1998 through the independent Stubble imprint. A year later they were picked up by Festival Mushroom's newly launched development label Sputnik, releasing the...

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