NAME : ANGRY FROG REBIRTH MEMBER : 池田直樹 (Vo.Gu.) / U (Vo.) / Maru (Gu.) / roku (Ba.) UNITED : 5/2/2010 LOCATiON : Oita / Kouchi / Aomori / saitama STYLE : POP SCREAMO CORE (STREET PUNK / HARD CORE / SCREAMO / METAL) ーーーーーーーーーーーーーー ANGRY FROG REBIRTH Biography Angry Frog Rebirth started out as a band on May 2, 2010. They named themselves to be a “pop screamo core” genre, while performing numerous live shows, appearing in events and going on countless tours to grow to the level they have become today. While putting great emphasis on speed and liveliness, their music consists of catchy melodies and screaming choruses, making the listener want to sing a long and even “mosh” at their shows. Their impressive and much heated live performances are definitely well worth watching. Angry Frog Rebirth’s songs have a classic structure and yet at the same time have an a sense of familiarity, with their magical blend of ‘melodic hardcore’ and ‘screamo’ infused with delicate melody lines that play on the listener’s heartstrings. Their music is a sound that many can relate to. Although their first mini album, “MUSIK” was not professionally produced and had no strong music videos, there were close to 10,000 copies shipped out, which is a breathtaking figure as the initial amount was only 800 copies! Their highly anticipated 2nd mini album, “DANCE IN THE DARK” was released on July 17, 2013 followed by a tour that...

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