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Joey Duenas - Vox/Guitar Frank (Frankie) Salvaggio - Bass/Backing Vox Rob Urbani - Drums Jay Frederick - Lead Guitar Shaun Stockton - (Former) Lead Guitar Anew Revolution (often shortened to ANR) is an hard rock band from Austin, Texas, United States. Anew Revolution was formed by Ex-Unloco frontman Joey Duenas and includes Frank Frankie Salvaggio and Rob Urbani, former members of Slaves on Dope. The band released a five-track self-released EP in 2005 featuring the tracks Cave In, Rise, Let Go, Saddest Song, and Pieces. In 2007 the band recorded several tracks performed at a live show held at The Machine Shop in Flint, MI and released a four-track CD which included new tracks Bite My Tongue, Savior, and Blister & Burn. Anew Revolution officially signed a worldwide record deal with Koch Records in late August 2007 and released their first full length album, Rise produced by Mudrock (Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold), on April 15, 2008. ANR has toured with bands such as Nonpoint, Drowning Pool, 12 Stones, Otep, Kittie, Sevendust, HedPE, Dope, Hellyeah, and Ill Nino. They released their second album in May 2010 (with producer Ben Shigel (Drowning Pool, Chimaira, Walls of Jericho)) titled iMerica with many headbanging songs, including the popular Head Against the Wall. Anew Revolution is available on iTunes. They are probably on tour, or if not currently then soon. They are currently writing what will become their third major release. Read more on User-contributed text...

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