ASiH began in 1998 as a solo home-recording effort by Constantine Nakassis. Since then it has grown into a collaborative recording project and a live outfit (currently featuring Magda Nakassis, Lucas Carscadden, and Mike Mikowicz) centered around Nakassis’ song-writing and a shifting cast of musicians. Recordings have featured musicians from various DC-area indie bands—Andrew Black from Georgie James/The Explosion; Justin Moyer from Supersystem/Antelope/Edie Sedgwick; Lucas Carscadden from Dead Mechanical/Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine; Michael Mikowicz; Alex Hedstrom—as well as collaborators from the Philadelphia R&B music scene—Elsie Mu?iz—and even the South Indian film industry—Shakthisree Gopalan. Since its first full-length, Dialogic, ASiH has seamlessly blended live instrumentation and programmed music across multiple genres: from angular DC post-punk to electronica, from alt-country to R&B. Later albums like Autoamputation, Peripheries of Hollywood, and Another Year in Philadelphia have perfected this blend of styles, increasingly crisscrossing genres, presenting eclectic, almost mixtape-esque collections of songs which find their coherence not in established styles of music or instrumentation, but in their approach to song-writing. The albums don’t play like typical records of the past. But neither is the writing process of ASiH typical. Each album presents songs collected over years, like a scrapbook, disparate in their individual origins but coherent in thei...

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