For once the beats aren’t just padding: the Asio Kids construct Hip Hop with as much attention to detail as few others Other production teams face smaller obstacles – if the Asio Kids want to jam together huge files have to be sent across the Atlantic. But that doesn’t stop Bibo and Matt Rock: the duo continues to make music anyways. Friends since childhood: the common denominator back then guitar and skateboard. Bibo works at the world famous “Uphon” studio in Weilheim as sound engineer for bands like Slut and Notwist. While Matt Rock dedicates his life to Hip Hop, spinning records and hosting the Zündfunk radio show – the leading show for dope beats, dope rhymes, dope cuts in the country. 2002 the two of them fly to New York to record vocals with 2 For 5, a Rap group from the Bronx. The session with Ace Lover and October results in a 12” record. “On the move from NYC to Weilheim” gets released the same year on the Hong Kong imprint from Hamburg: A true underground classic. Matt Rock fell in love with New York at first sight and moves to the Big Apple in 2004. From there he’s broadcasting his Hip Hop show to Germany and draws inspiration for his production work. Bibo remains in Bavaria where he is working as sound engineer and musician. Hence the internet serves as the essential link to exchange files and to bring the Asio sound to the next level. As on their first record the Asio Kids continue to collaborate with many other artists. With New York’s MC...

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