Asira is a post-black metal band based in Reading, UK. Their music transcends multiple genres, blending second-wave black metal with post-rock and elements of shoegaze and traditional heavy metal, in what metal review website Invisible Oranges described as a daytime counterpart to Opeth’s dusky take on the genre. The band currently consists of Jack Reynolds (lead vocals), Martin Williams (guitar & backing vocals), Ethan Bishop (guitar), Sam Greenland (drums) and Chris Kendall (bass guitar). The project which would become Asira was begun by Reynolds and Williams in 2008. Bishop joined the group in 2011. After a long period of songwriting and experimentation, Asira was formally founded in December 2016. The band released their first single, 'Crucible of Light', on 1st February 2017, and a second single, 'Efference', followed on 17th March. Asira's debut album, also titled Efference, was released on 7th April 2017. It was hailed as possibly the build-up to one of the best things to happen in black metal and all its sub-genres in quite some time by Distorted Sound Magazine. The album launch was marked by the band's first live show at Sanctuary in Basingstoke, UK. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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