“High Mode People” is ASR’s official worldwide EP debut. DJ/PRODUCER ASR (also known as Alpha Sound Resonator) activates. The music of ASR shifts your state of mind. The minimal sound consists of sober harmonics & deep grooves. The natural structures reveal an organic & atmospheric meditative drive to take you further. Its spirit is directed to you and touches you even beyond spacetime. This personal concept is a new futuristic dance experience. ASR (°1977, Belgium) started his love for music at the early age of 4. Discovering little by little what frequencies could do with the body-mind symbiosis, he evolved to become a synth- and bassplayer in several blues, funk & psycho rock projects. Influenced by the great vibes from the Delta, from the African woods, the cities of Rajasthan & the seatowns of Bali. The cadanz has still the same mother. ASR is a solo-project where no compromises are made. Free & impulsive, pure & direct. As a live act, ASR drives it even deeper, based on his resolute relation with the multiverse. Ready for every moment on the floor, ASR enjoys the true fact of action/interaction with the audience. Everything is energy. Everything is vibration. Everything resonates. So it does everywhere & always. Discography “In One Go feat. Implant” by ASR on Alfa Matrix “High Mode People_ep” by ASR on Simplex Records ASR brings the sound LIVE or as a DJ SET. Read more on User-contributed text i...

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