1. Acidity is a 4 piece thrash metal band formed in 2010 under the name Existence. After only 1 year the line up, composed by Andrea Steeler (guitars), Mattia Itala (guitars and vocals), Stefano Quaglia (drums) and Alessandro Castagneri (bass), decides to change the monicker in Parasite, and after the first live appearances, Mattia decides to leave the role of guitarist to dedicate himself exclusively to the vocals. In the same year the band recorded his first raw material and came out with the demo called Human Destruction. Due to a case of homonymy, the band had to change the name another time, and under the new name Acidity they start to distribute the second demo Blinded by Ignorance. After having the opportunity to play in some important italian stages (like SunValley festival, in Milan supporting Heathen, and more..) Stefano decides to leave the band, and readily Simone Cibrario join the band as new drummer. In 2014, with this line up, the band signs with the newborn label Nightbreaker Productions and enters the studio for the recording of the debut album call Into the Lies that has come out in November 2014. 2. “Acidity” is a young French Producer who has been making tracks since October 2010. He discovered the world of electronic music in the summer of 2008 in southern France in the very famous club “Bar Live”. Now 20 years old and living in Boug-en-Bresse near Lyon, he has a unique French take on music production and is currently using Ableton Live to produ...

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