Acme Sewage Co.

It all started in 1975 - Ozzy joined a band in Welwyn Garden City named 'Bullfrog'. At the time Ozzy was a big fan of the stooges, Lou Reed, New York Dolls, MC5 etc etc. During the next few months Ozzy developed his sound within this band but the other members were after a more traditional (Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd) type of sound. At this time the Punk scene was starting to emerge in London and Ozzy felt a kinship with the music that was being produced and so in 1976 he left 'Bullfrog' and with a bass player (Pete Barber) and a drummer (Simon Coxhill) that he'd met whilst in 'Bullfrog' he formed a new band. The band rehearsed for several months but were, as yet, unnamed, On the eve of their debut gig they still had no name. That day Ozzy and Simon were on the London to Welwyn Garden City train, desperately trying to think of a name, when Ozzy looked out the window and saw a haulage firm called 'The Acme Trucking Company'. At the time the 'Stranglers' had released their first album and one of Ozzy's fave tracks was 'Down in the sewer' so Ozzy suggested how about ' The Acme Sewerage Company'? Somehow, when the posters were produced it had become 'The Acme Sewage Company' and the name stuck. This band consisted of Ozzy - guitar/vcls, Pete Barber - bass and Simon Coxhill - drums. They played regularly at 'The Roxy' club - Ozzy remembers the club as being either a great place or the pits to play depending on what day they were booked. ''Unfortunately as the club was open 7 d...

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