Acordo Mútuo

Acordo Mútuo - - is a progressive rock band from the greater metropolitan area of São Paulo Brazil formed in mid 2007. Band members are Rodrigo Nunes (vocals and guitar), Edu Bento (bass) and Caique Bulldog (drums). - Influences 14 Bis, O Terço, Pink Floyd, The Beatles etc... - BEGINNINGS Despite knowing one another in grammar school days, their musical affinity began in high school, where Rodrigo Nunes and Edu Bento constantly shared ideas about their intentions as musicians. In the beginning they met in between classes and on weekends at Edu Bento’s house. At this time, Rodrigo got together with Marcelo Rocha, a good friend and great font of general rock knowledge, and they formed a hobby practice duo. Marcelo brought with him many musical influences, one of these being progressive rock. In the middle of 2002, after a long conversation between Edu Bento, Rodrigo Nunes and Marcelo Rocha, they decided to form a trio called Milícia Celeste. That union was very useful to the three friends in question, it was the beginning of the development and musical identity of Rodrigo, Edu and Marcelo as a unit. It went so briliantly well that after three consecutive months of practice, the trio already had a sound very much their own. It was during this same period that a strong song writing collaboration between Edu and Rodrigo got going. A year after the formation of Milícia Celeste, changes in their lives were such that each member began to follow his own path, resulting in th...

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