Acoustic Endeavors

Acoustic Endeavors was initially formed in 1992 by Warren Amberson and Kelly Green. The band has been based in Jonesborough and then Nashville, TN but is now headquartered in Roanoke, VA. Warren had been playing professionally in Germany after finishing his stint in the Army in 1986. He met Kelly at a festival in Iowa in 1991 while he was back in the states on tour with his German bluegrass band, Foreign Affairs. They invited Kelly to Germany to play a few shows which turned into a stay of14 months. The seeds of Acoustic Endeavors were sown. Warren and Kelly returned to the US in 1992 and settled in Jonesborough, TN where they attended the Bluegrass Music program at East Tennessee State University under the direction of mandolin master, Jack Tottle. Warren and Kelly were student band directors in the program and Acoustic Endeavors got its start here in Jonesborough as they needed to perform to support themselves during school. The initial lineup included Glen Rose on banjo, Tommy Austin on mandolin,Warren on bass and Kelly on guitar. They won 4th place at the SPBGMA band contest with this formation in 1994. The next edition of Acoustic Endeavors in Jonesborough included: Glen Rose on banjo, Tim Laughlin on mandolin, Amanda Mathis on fiddle, Warren on bass and Kelly on guitar. They won the South Carolina Pizza Hut regional championship in 1995.They recorded and released their first CD of all-original music in 1994 called Coming Of Age. It featured Warren on bass, Kelly on g...

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