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About Scott Rode Rode is one of those rare guitar players and singers that has a firm grasp on the American songbook and can spin it into a wonderful new world. I hear an eclectic blend of original and classic finger picking technique and a vocal style that reminds me of classic singer songwriters like Jim Croce and Gordon Lightfoot . Rode has a magnificent vision and I strongly recommend going with him on his musical journey - Arlo Hennings, Former Shawn Phillips Manager OFFICIAL YouTube site: OFFICIAL ReverbNation site:! OFFICIAL FACEBOOK site: Autobiography I grew up in a little town called Annandale in the state of Minnesota. I was named Scott Charles Rode and was born in St. Cloud, Mn in the year of 1957 to a Mr and Mrs Charles Rode; my father is now deceased, God rest his soul. For the first year of my life along with my two older brothers, Mark and Curt; we all lived in a Railroad Box car, yes you heard that correctly, a railroad box car, in the town of South Haven, MN, it is about 6 miles due west on Hwy 55 of Annandale, MN. We moved to Annandale, MN when I was 1 into a big double story house just behind the United Methodist Church off of Main St. in Annandale. We all lived there till my father and a friend of his who was in the construction business built a house on the North shore of Lake John, just about 3 miles west on Hwy 55, in 1967. It was...

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