Acres Wild

Acres Wild started as the solo project of Oslo-based songwriter Magnus Askjer Lefsaker searching for his way of life. Done with studies and needed a life goal he wrote a song about just that. This track was the band's first single, described by Norwegian Radio P3 as timeless nostalgic, well composed sunshine music with a great future. Their first EP The Prophecies of Skeeter Davis consisted three songs that all three were rotating on Norwegian radio. Line of Sight is a guitar driven weastcoast-inspired song that leads back to memories of warm summer breeze, infatuation without concerns and is an interpretation of how your way to see things shapes perception. That situation one is in is what one sees. The girl in the song was the world's best for me in a month, until I realized that she really just was as boring as anyone else. As the text line goes: In february shes a fairy, in April shes just one whos climbing high. The instruments were recorded in the living room of songwriter Magnus straight into his mac. The vocals are recorded just before I was going for a tennis match with a mate. Suddenly I got the right feeling and had to record the song. I managed a quick take and it was perfect. I barely got in time for the tennis match too. Line of Sight is the first single from their debut album Ignore the Flags on the Beaches due for release in spring 2016, produced by Sjur Lyseid and will be released on the band's own label Minitravolta. Band Members: Magnus Askjer Lefsa...

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