1. Acro is jungle/breakbeat/hardcore duo consisting of Darren Beale (around 15 another aliases) and Mark Caro (Technical Itch). They released only two vinyls - most known are neat jungle tunes Superpod/Sky Lab, released in 1993 on Force Ten Records, and Superpod Remix released in 1995 on Lucky Spin Recordings. 2. acro (xacrox) is a Salt Lake City acoustic/sxe/vegan/indie/guerrilla/folk/punk band... Sometimes they go by AcRo other Times xAcRox... Most of the time it is just xacrox... they have a website... xAcRox has shared the stage with the likes of Bombs and Beating Hearts, James Miska, xJoshx, Raven, Gary Bikehouse, Gabe, Bobbi Ogden, Soy O.D., Toby (Jeremy 3), Shane, Wingnut, Automaton Rockstar, Dorian, Nokturnal Emission, Chris Carter, The Culprits, the crayonz, kung-fu army of mice, Jordan Halliday and his Secret Society, ex-chubby kids, Fyzyk, Obsessive Disorder, Niktab, QstandsforQ, Tom Bennett, Los Reaction, +, Days May Come, Corporate Invasion, xchubby kidsx, Deviancy, Gertie Fox, chin up meriweather (peter), a clown, Chuck, Jon Crocker, Peter Shaffer, Boogdish, and many others!!! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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