Acrobat Down

Acrobat Down formed in 1996 in Denver, Colorado. Including two former members of Boulder-based Small Dog Frenzy, Hans Buenning (guitar) and Aaron Hobbs (guitar/vocals). Other members were Jason Jones (drums), Eliot Zizic (bass), and Jaime (Jme) White (keyboards) who joined the band later. In 1997 the band released their Beaver Falls Excepted 7 on Crank! as well as a split 7 with another Denver band The Blastoff Heads on their own Atact Musicalities label. Atact would be the main way the band released most of their material. In 1998 they they released the 5-11-8-6 7 on Atact and Life/Robots 7 on Swedish record label Her Magic Field. In 1999 Acrobat Down released their first and only full length on album on CD, RE: Dereliction. The band made quite a name for themselves in the Denver scene opening for many national touring acts like The Get Up Kids, Samiam, and And You Will Knows Us By The Trail Of The Dead. The band took a break from playing shows in 2001 and recorded a CDEP with songs 29-33 which was planned for release on Her Magic Field sometime in 2001. The EP, which was to be titled Switchable Trees never saw the light of day as the band eventually dissolved. Ex-members went on to various projects. Jones, Zizic, and Buenning formed DeNunzio and relased two CDs and an EP. White and Hobbs briefly played together in Burstable. White then formed Blusom and was signed to Second Nature Recordings. Hobbs lent guest vocals on the second track of Blusom's first CD, Go Slowly Al...

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