Acrope is a symphonic rock/pop trio from Borl?nge made up of Esa Ahonen and Andreas Cromnow (both also in Cryonic Temple) and Jim Persson-Melin (Body Mass Index, Moxie Oxid ... and Men+Mathematics). Esa Ahonen who started the band with Andreas is a virtuous guitarist, heavily into symphonic rock in the vein of IQ, Anyones Daughter and Marillion. Andreas as a keyboardist was inspired mainly by bands like Depeche Mode and Ultravox. Jim was invited to join the band by Andreas in 1992 since they were both discussing synthesizers a lot with each other when it became clear that Jim was mainly a singer, something the band was missing. Jim brought a flair for bands like Lustans Lakejer, Reeperbahn and The The together with a ton of megalomania, pretention and overdone theatrics. After nearly three years and a handful of live gigs Jim left for studies in another town. Esa and Andreas worked on and ended up in the appreciated melodic metal band Cryonic Temple where Esa remains today as a central member. Acrope (the name an abbreviation of the members' last names: Ahonen, CROmnow and PErsson-melin) released a three track demo tape called demo 94 (single) for the record companies and a nine track full length tape Till Acropia before their demise. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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