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Across Culture is. . . Biblically )))SOUND(((, culturally relevant, anchored to the cross!! We are just two guys with a heart for God who have given our lives to taking the message of the gospel to a lost and dying world. Both of our families are currently serving on the foreign field as missionaries. As we take the message of the gospel across culture to communicate God's truth clearly in a new setting, we hope to achieve this same purpose with our music. First, we are committed to be biblically )))SOUND(((, the volume is high (Psalm 33:3) because we're not ashamed of the message, but more importantly the lyrics will always conform to the ultimate standard for truth, God's Word. We believe the lyrics are the most important part of our music. That's why we strive to always make the lyrics available with our music. When we perform live, we combine lyrics and graphics through video projection to enhance the clarity of our message. Second, we want to be culturally relevant. We believe that culture is both geographic and generational. The message cannot change but the methods of conveying that message can change and should change. God has placed us here to serve this generation. (Acts 13:36) Anchored to the cross! It is the center of our logo, because it is the center of our life (Galatians 6:14)! It is the center of our music as well. Biblically )))SOUND(((, culturally relevant, anchored to the cross. . . Across Culture! Read more on

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