At least 8 artists by this name: 1) Formed by Propaganda lead singer Claudia Brücken and synthesiser genius Thomas Leer. Act were signed to the iconic ZTT label. However, their intelligent continental pop was out of step with the dumbed -down times of the mid 80s and sales were disappointing. 2) French synth-pop band who released the Ping-Pong single. This has recently appeared on the BIPPP compilation. 3) Romanian Thrash/Groove metal band signed with Ballance Productions, CD Exact released 2008-12-22. 4) A Jazz trio based in Brooklyn, NY. 5) a Japanese doujin hard rock/heavy metal artist 6) A Swedish Progressive Rock/Metal band. 7) A Norwegian rock band, who was known as The Act until they shortened their name to only Act by the time of the release of their only album September Field in 1986. 8) ACT is a collaboration of Ayu (あゆ, IOSYS), Coda (Antp COOL&CREAT) and t+pazolite (C.H.S HARDCORE TANO*C). ACT means Ayu + Coda + t+pazolite. First mini album called A+C+T was released on M3 2010 (31.10.2010). A.C.T. is a very popular and well-known modern progressive rock band from Sweden, having released music since 1999. They have evolved into a respectable band that has had more than a decent impact; more impressive, however, it how their songwriting and style gets better with every album, their latest Silence being considered an incredible one. The band's musical style is eclectic, but also keen to a lot of influences, some (l...

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