There are multiple artists with this name: 0) organ-dominated progressive hard rock from Zweibrücken, Germany 1) Streetpunk from Toronto, Canada 2) Melodic Rock/AOR band 3) Hardcore/Metalcore band founded in Teplice, Czech Republic 4) Hardcore Punk band formed in Budapest, Hungary 5) Two-piece acoustic/emo/punk/pop based in Glasgow, Scotland 6) A Japanese Heavy Metal Band 7) A 1960's Garage/Psyche band from Europe (aka The Action) 0) ACTION from Zweibrücken were playing organ-dominated progressive hard rock in the tradition of Deep Purple or the early Uriah Heep. The ideas and their execution are good; the way the singer tries to copy Ian Gillan, however, seems at times a bit artificial. In the summer of 1972, Action recorded three tracks for demo purposes at the Kerston studio. Only in 1997, the recordings by chance caught the attention of the small Dortmund label Very Good Records. The label released them as LP together with a live track in an edition of 500 copies on black and 100 copies on green vinyl. At the end of 2008, Action joined together once more for two professionally recorded gigs. Line-up/Musicians: - Otto Nunold / organ - Charly Fottner / guitar - Wolfgang Benki / vocals - Harald Schindler / bass - Ernest Cadet / drums 1) ACTION is a Canadian Streetpunk band based out of Toronto. They were signed by Punkcore records and released only one album in 2004 which was a Self Titled album. They were influenced by band such as Conflict, The Varukers, Battalion of...

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