There are at least 3 artists with this name: 1) Doris Nefedov, born Treitz, (May 19, 1942 - July 31, 1969) was a German singer who performed under the stage name Alexandra. Nefedov was born on May 19, 1942 in Heydekrug, Memelland (today: Silute, Lithuania). Her first hit single, Zigeunerjunge (gypsy boy), came out in 1967; several more followed, including Sehnsucht (yearning), Schwarze Balalaika (black balalaika) and Mein Freund, der Baum (my friend, the tree). Nefedov performed songs in several other languages besides German including French, English, Russian and Hebrew. Nefedov and her mother died in a car accident near Tellingstedt, Holstein underway to a vacation on the island Sylt on July 31, 1969. Her six year old son survived with minor injuries. A biography was published in 1999 by movie director Marc Boettcher; Boettcher received several anonymous threats while researching the circumstances of Nefedov's death, and announced that he would push for a new investigation of the circumstances of her death in 2004 after further research, citing former Stasi documents that revealed that Nefedov's lover Pierre Lafaire was a US-American secret agent as well as testimonies contradicting the documented results of the original investigation. 2) Alexandra (Aleksandra Jabłonka; born 2nd April 1988, in Kętrzyn, Poland) is a Polish pop singer, currently assigned to EMI Music Poland. 3) Alexandra (Maria Jose Lefty, born April 25, 1950, Fundão, Portugal). Opted initially for M...

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