Alexandre Bateiras

Alexandre Bateiras started to play the Portuguese Guitar at the age of 15 by influence of his maternal grandfather. After his grandfather died he continues his Guitar studies on his own on a self-taught manner. His main musical references are Carlos Paredes, Artur Paredes and Jorge Tuna together with the Coimbra interpretative technique. Besides the works of Carlos Paredes, Artur Paredes and Jorge Tuna he studied and plays the works of the main composers within the Coimbra technique since the beginning of the century to most recent times. He has participated in several concerts as a soloist with the collaboration of João Gomes and José Tito Mackay or playing as well, the instrumental support of Coimbra singers such as Luiz Goes, António Sutil Roque e Augusto Camacho. In 1997, after an invitation from Luisa Amaro, he started to work the last compositions of Carlos Paredes which he presented in public in the Lisbon World Exhibition (Expo-98) and in the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of Carlos Paredes (16-02-2000). 1997 was also the year of his first studio recordings on which he recorded two of the first compositions of his own. Another important moment on Alexandre's career was his concert “Playing Coimbra from the past to the future” presented at Expo-98 and in the Lisbon Concerts Season - 1999 at the Belém Tower in which he played pieces from the main composers of the Coimbra technique, starting in the early 20th century and ending with the most recent times, ...

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