Alexandre Bilodeau

Born in 1984, Alexandre Bilodeau produces musical fusions since 1998. He mixes electronic, hip-hop , techno, dub and ambient sound influences into his music which he classifies as radiophonic futuristic. A pop sound for the years to come. He lives in Acadie, the forgotten country of the first French colonists in North America, where he speaks a mixed language of old French and anglophone terms: Ej peut driver à l'airport mesque a débarque. Alexandre is a also producer for the hip-hop/electronic group Jacobus and Maleco. They released their first disc in 2003 La gueule de bois. Alexandre also released a solo disc of peaceful and dubby tech-house entitled Wois-tu ça? in 2004. This disc is available free on ACADIEURBAINE.NET. Neither gifted in written language, nor in drawing, Alexandre communicates best through his music which speaks of a future which is already among us. A future where all is cyclic, rhythmic, looped, modified and accelerated and where electronic music is large a hammock suspended over an increasingly robot-like world. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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