Alexandre Falcao

Absolute absorption is what you can expect from the phenomenal work of Alexandre Falcao, a man who thinks outside the box to help his listeners step inside themselves. Richly ambient and experimental in nature, Falcao explores the fringes of music, offering up thoughtful, enveloping music that consumes the listener, pushing him into a realm that is totally unique and unlike what has come before. Hypnotized Alexandre wants to share with listeners what he feels when exposed to great music. “I feel hypnotized when I listen to good music,” he says. And the audience can expect such a transcendent experience from Falcao. His music is the aural definition of hypnotism as he carries the listener into unexplored layers of existence, the places of strange beauty contained in the paths untraveled in the universe of music. Spirituality Alexandre sees music as conveying spirituality through aurally perceived means. “Music is a spiritual matter and inspiration comes from ethereal places undefined by regular science,” he says. His views on music explain the kind of power with which his music is imbued. It’s more than mere entertainment – it’s spiritual elevation. “Music can change any environment, good or bad. There is enough bad vibration everywhere in society and music can give a big contribution for a better world.” The Artist at Work Alexandre is busy writing and recording music. He is frequently expanding his explorations of the realms of music, finding ne...

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