Alexandre Therrien

BIOGRAPHY Alexandre Therrien French Canadian, influenced by flamenco guitar, romantic expression and rock music. Since 1997 he has been working on a new genre fusioning those three musical spheres and the demands of an improved aesthetic, an expressive technicality and a profound research of musicality. Inspired by his latin roots, he explored Andalucia in 2004, the flamenco cradle! His playing was forever transformed. (Andalucia: a region in southern Spain on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean; formerly a center of Moorish civilization) During 7 years of studies in Canada and Spain he honed his skills in the following areas: Classical Guitar Jazz Guitar Flamenco Guitar Classical Piano Jazz Piano Counterpoint Arrangements (Jazz Big-Band) Composition (Actuel Music approach) Intrumentation (Orchestra, Big-Band) Percussions Compas and Palmas (Flamenco Rythms) Alexandre has studied with Claude McKinnon, Gilles Beaudoin, Gilles Ouellet, Gabriel Hamel, Eric Morin, Juan Maria Real and David Moran. The most influential teacher for Therrien has been the internationally acclaimed Remi Boucher, a guitar virtuoso, whom he studied with for 2 years. Since 2006 he has been organising his career and working with well known musicians in Canada, in Asia, and in the UK with Tim Wilson. He has performed regular concerts internationally and self-produced his first solo album called Overture in july 2006 featuring extended original compositions. He draws from a rich palette of musical influ...

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