Alexandria is the name of more than one artist: 1) R&B Singer/Songwriter from Atlanta on Awful Records 2) Florida, US metal band 3) Russian metal band 1) Inspired by Aaliyah and a legion of neo-soul chanteuses, Alexandria released the slept-on Rebirth in 2014 on Awful Records, emerging fully-armored like an R&B Minerva. Her creative partnership with producer Ethereal is a fruitful one: the pair released 2 more EP's, Bad (2015) and Promise (2016). 2) Alexandria are a female-fronted metal band from South Florida which combine heavy melodies and harmonies with evoking operatic vocals. The band formed in 2006 as the result of a collaboration between drummer Erick Castrillon and vocalist Allie Zangari. After months of intensive searching, the band's final lineup was concluded, featuring Allie Zangari on vocals, Rob Tripp and Renzo Iparraguirre on guitars, Carlos Vila on bass and Erick Castrillon playing drums. The band received an honorable mention at Miami's Indie Film & Music Festival, and in early October of 2007 were invited to open for national touring bands Sonata Arctica from Finland and The Agonist from Canada at the Culture Room. In October of 2008, they were invited back to play at the Culture Room due to the success of their prior presentation. This time they shared with Kamelot. In late 2007 vocalist Allie chose to part ways with Alexandria and after a careful search, Sarah Teets was temporarily added to the lineup as the new vocalist from January to August of 2...

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